Ambartsumian’ s view on astronomy of XX century

Views of Contemporaries


This part of website displays the papers of V.A. Ambartsumian’ s contemporaries that shed light on the part he played in astronomy of ΧΧ century. Let us stop on several of them.

In 1974the Council of the National Academy of Sciences published a volume «The Heritage of Copernicus. Theories ‘More Pleasing to the Mind’ » (The Copernican Volume of the National Academie of Sciences, edited by Jerzy Neyman, 1974) relating to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nicolas Copernicus . The Copernician volume described a number of Copernician-type intellectual revolutions that have taken place in recent centuries. Such revolutions are characterized by the abandonment of widely held concepts and replacement by dramatically new conceptualizations that resulted in deepened understanding of natural processes.

This volume holds V.Zonn’ s essay»Explosive Events in the Universe».We cite it: » …the originator of the quasi-Copernican revolution connected with the explosions in the nuclei of galaxies may be the Soviet-Armenian astronomer, V.A. Ambartsumian. His basic paper hypothesizing explosions not so much with reference to particulargalaxies, but as an essential part of the mechanisms of the universe, was published in 1958.»

In 1978 was published the volume «Problems of Physics and Evolution of Universe». The contributors dedicate it to V.A. Ambartsumian on his 70th birthday. Among the contributors there areH.Alven, H.Arp, R.Bellman, A.Blaau, B.Lovell, J.H.Oort, V.V.Sobolev. Some of them are inserted on website.

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Р. Беллман «Инвариантное вложение»〈=ru&sec=0

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