Ambartsumian’ s view on astronomy of XX century

Scientific papers


 The field of Victor Ambartsumian’ s scientific interests is extraordinary vast: the physics of gaseous nebulae, the dynamics and statistical mechanics of the stellar systems, theory of light diffusion, the nature and structure of the interstellar matter, the theory of the stellar statistics, the theory of the super-dense baryon stars , the non-stationary phenomena in the galaxies and many others.In the each of these directions the great scientist made a remarkable contribution of principal importance that had greatly expanded our understanding of the outer space formations and the phenomena in them. Ambartsumian’ s scientific contribution is not limited by the fundamental research in Astronomy.       

For his book «A Life in Astrophysics» (Allerton Press, 1998) V.A. Ambartsumian himself selected several papers, which had already proven to have atremendous impact upon their respective fields. These papers are published on this website in accordance with the granted permission of Allerton Press Publishing Co.

In addition, we have mentioned their original sources.